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Home Biodiesel Kits: Things to Consider

If you are like me, you are probably fed up with the high cost of diesel fuel. The average cost for a gallon of diesel hovers around $4.00 nationwide and it looks like it will only go up especially if the economy begins to improve. Coupled with international political uncertainty and no coherent national policy to fully develop domestic sources, there is little chance we will see any relief in the price of diesel. That Continue Reading…

biodiesel safety

Biodiesel Kits Safety Part I: What are the potential hazards?

Making your own biodiesel is a potentially dangerous activity if you don’t stick to the safety rules.  Before you can take the proper precautions, you need to know what exactly you need to look out for! Here are the reasons making biodiesel requires special safety precautions: 1. Oil and Lye. When making biodiesel, you will need to heat the oil to extremely high temperatures.  If the hot oil comes into contact with exposed skin, a Continue Reading…


Biodiesel Wins Students a Presidential Award

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Seven middle school students recieved the 2010 President’s Environmental Youth Award for their biodiesel project. The students, from Westerly, R.I., initiated a project to convert waste oil into biofuel and then distribute it to members of the community. The students, motivated to take action against global warming, collected over 36,000 gallons of waste oil.  To do so, they convinced the town council to place a public grease receptacle in a central location for local residents to dump Continue Reading…


Fuelmeister II Biodiesel Kit

The Fuelmeister II, by Renewal Fuels, is a biodiesel processor that allows you to make your own biodiesel.  It first came out in 2006 with new and innovative technology for DIY biodiesel makers.  For about 70 cents a gallon, you can make your own biodiesel with the Fuelmeister II.  This biodiesel kit comes fully equipped with all the machinery you need to make your own biodiesel at a cost of approximately $3,000. This second generation Continue Reading…

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