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With gas prices continuing to rise to levels of insanity and the threat of a disappearing ozone on the horizon, more and more people are starting to realize our vital need for alternative fuels. Biodiesel had been highly regarded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency aka EPA as being an environmentally sustainable alternative to conventional petroleum gasoline.

Biodiesel cuts ozone damaging hydrocarbons by 50% and eliminates acid rain causing sulfur emissions when compared with regular diesel fuel. When compared with regular petroleum gas, the hydrocarbon emissions are reduced by a staggering 78.5% according the U.S. Department of Energy. And one of the most amazing things about bio diesel, is that you can make it yourself for a fraction of what you pay at the pump! This means that you can potentially save thousands of dollars a year on gas.

There are many biodiesel kits, different sizes and different manufacturers. This site is dedicated to researching and reviewing the best biodiesel kits available today and to bring you updated biodiesel information to help you make the right personal choice in buying a biodiesel kit.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to the site such as pictures or unique information, questions, comments, or complaints, please email me at lifeblogs@biodieselkitsguide.com. Also, if you want to send me your biodiesel kit success stories I will be more than happy to publish them on the blog for the benefit of all of our visitors.

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