Biodiesel Wins Students a Presidential Award

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Seven middle school students recieved the 2010 President’s Environmental Youth Award for their biodiesel project. The students, from Westerly, R.I., initiated a project to convert waste oil into biofuel and then distribute it to members of the community.

The students, motivated to take action against global warming, collected over 36,000 gallons of waste oil.  To do so, they convinced the town council to place a public grease receptacle in a central location for local residents to dump their waste cooking oil.  The students also persuaded 64 restaraunts to donate waste oil to the project. They were then able to produce a total of 30,000 gallons of biodiesel!

The project was not only great for the environment by stopping 600,000 ounces of CO-02 from being let out into the air, but helped out the local poor at the same time. Four-thousand gallons of Bioheat were donated to local charities and given to families who couldn’t afford to heat their homes.

“I am so impressed with the commitment these students showed by taking action to improve the environment,” said Curt Spalding, regional administrator of EPA’s New England office. “We have serious environmental problems, but with the creativity and commitment displayed by these students, we can find ways to effectively work toward a cleaner and healthier world.”

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