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More and more people are starting to use biodiesel to fuel their engines. Saving money, environmental concerns, and fear of depleting resources are all reasons motivating many to turn away from petroleum based fuel. Although biodiesel has many benefits, it is still relatively new and not “perfected”. Here are some of pros and cons of to consider before using biodiesel:

biodiesel-overviewPros of Biodiesel

1. Less toxic than regular diesel
With biodiesel, far less emissions of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other harmful substances than regular diesel. It is made from regular cooking oils and is thereby biodegradable, non-toxic and releases far fewer particulates than commonly used oil.

2. Renewable
Because biodiesel is plant based and made from products such as vegetables, canola, palms, and soybeans. These can be regrown and there is thereby no fear that we might run out of biodiesel, as opposed to petroleum based dies.

3. Better for Engines
Biodiesel provides better lubrication for a car’s engine than petrodiesel. This helps to extend the working life of engines. In addition, Biodiesel is easier to ignite that petrodiesel and therefore biodiesel engines do not need spark plugs.

4. Supports local farmers and decreases foreign dependence

Biodiesel decreases dependence on oil tycoons and skyrocketing oil prices. It promotes the support of local, homegrown products and farmers while lessening
the need to constantly be looking for and dependent on foreign sources.

5. Cheap and Easy to use.
Biodiesel fuel can be used in any diesel engine. You can make biodiesel at home and save 50% on fuel costs!

Cons of Biodiesel:

1.It needs to be handled carefully in cold weather.
At very low temperatures, liquid biodiesel will thicken. When biodiesel thickens it can plug up fuel filters. This makes biodiesel more difficult to store and to move from place to place in cold weather which increases its cost.

2. Biodiesel is solvent.
This means that although it will clean the tank and fuel lines, blockage is practically inevitable. Filters will need to be changed more frequently.

3. Engine Problems.
Today’s engines are made to be used with petroleum fuel. Using biodiesel may cause certain problems for engines like elstomeric seal hardening, degradation of rubber hoses and other fuel system parts and more. On the other hand, these problems are usually not to hard to prevent or solve.

4. Difficult to Find.
Since people have only begun to use biodiesel relatively recently, it is still not easy to find processors and kits.

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