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Fuelmeister II Biodiesel Kit

The Fuelmeister II, by Renewal Fuels, is a biodiesel processor that allows you to make your own biodiesel.  It first came out in 2006 with new and innovative technology for DIY biodiesel makers.  For about 70 cents a gallon, you can make your own biodiesel with the Fuelmeister II.  This biodiesel kit comes fully equipped with all the machinery you need to make your own biodiesel at a cost of approximately $3,000. This second generation Continue Reading…

appleseed biodiesel kit

Appleseed Biodiesel Kit

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Many home-brewers prefer to use an Appleseed Biodiesel Kit.  It has an easy-to-use, intelligent design, uses common materials and comes at a great price.  This kit was designed by Maria Alovert of “Girl Mark”, author of “Biodiesel Homebrew Guide.” The Appleseed biodiesel kit is much cheaper than other kits out there (only around a total of $1000!) but still comes with certain features that make it more than worth its value.  It has a steel Continue Reading…

evolution biodiesel kits

Evolution Biodiesel Kits

If you are looking to make your own biodiesel, you may want to check out Evolution biodiesel kits.  Evolution is a company that has been manufacturing biodisel kits since 2006.  The company, located in Huntsville Texas produces a variety of kits that can turn vegetable oil into biodiesel.  The company was founded by Amy Brossi and her husband Kevin Shafer who are firm believers in biodiesel and are motivated to help others use this environmentally Continue Reading…

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