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If you are looking to make your own biodiesel, you may want to check out Evolution biodiesel kits.  Evolution is a company that has been manufacturing biodisel kits since 2006.  The company, located in Huntsville Texas produces a variety of kits that can turn vegetable oil into biodiesel.  The company was founded by Amy Brossi and her husband Kevin Shafer who are firm believers in biodiesel and are motivated to help others use this environmentally friendly energy source.

evolution biodiesel kit
All of the Evolution biodiesel kits are designed and built onsite. The kits come complete so you can make your own biodiesel at home.  Evolution produces different types of biodiesel kits.  Some kits produce 24 gallons of biodiesel while others can produce up to 230 gallons.  Customers who need to produce more biodiesel can order special custom made kits.  The kits come in a wide range of prices but generally start in the thousands.  Although it may seem a pricey initial investment, most biodiesel users feel that it pays off in the end and you wind up spending a lot less to fuel your car overall.

One type of evolution biodiesel kit is the Mega Ester 40 gallon. This kit is being sold for under $2,800.  Other models include the Mega Ester II 80 gallon, the Farm Boss Biodiesel Processor, and the Raven 24 Gallon Processor.  Evolution also sells other biodiesel products and accessories including dry wash filtration towers, micron barrel filters, WVO heaters and dryers, mixing pumps, titration kits, scales and heating elements.

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  • Oil Pumps June 6, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    The cost of blended biodiesel generally runs about 20 cents more per gallon than regular home heating oil.

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