Fuelmeister II Biodiesel Kit

The Fuelmeister II, by Renewal Fuels, is a biodiesel processor that allows you to make your own biodiesel.  It first came out in 2006 with new and innovative technology for DIY biodiesel makers.  For about 70 cents a gallon, you can make your own biodiesel with the Fuelmeister II.  This biodiesel kit comes fully equipped with all the machinery you need to make your own biodiesel at a cost of approximately $3,000. Fuelmeister Biodiesel Kit
This second generation processor comes with some great features that make it a favorite biodiesel kit for many users.  The single tank system makes it even easier than before to store the processor in a garage or shed.  It can produce a 40 gallon batch of biodiesel in under an hour.  In addition, the Fuelmeister II comes with “direct catalyst injection” which increased the spread of the chemical reaction and allows you to make more biodiesel per day!  Other great features include automated water wash and tank lip operations.  A safety kit, titration kit, a steel methanol pump, digital scales and an oil draw tube are also included.  All you need is vegetable oil, lye, methanol, electricity and water and your ready to make biodiesel!
There is some controversy over quality of the Fuelmeister II tank, as it is made out of chemical grade medium density polyethylene and not metal.  Many consider the tank to be quite strong and safe even though it is made from plastic. According to Joshua Tickell, author of “From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank”, “The FuelMeister from Green Fuels America Inc. is by far the fastest, easiest and safest way for individuals to start making their own high quality biodiesel.”

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