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Biodiesel pros and cons

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More and more people are starting to use biodiesel to fuel their engines. Saving money, environmental concerns, and fear of depleting resources are all reasons motivating many to turn away from petroleum based fuel. Although biodiesel has many benefits, it is still relatively new and not “perfected”. Here are some of pros and cons of to consider before using biodiesel: Pros of Biodiesel 1. Less toxic than regular diesel With biodiesel, far less emissions of Continue Reading…


What is Biodiesel

Biodiesel is an alternative fuel that can be used to operate vehicles with diesel engines. It is much better for the environment that petroleum diesel because it is non-toxic, biodegradable, and nearly free of sulfur and aromatics. Using biodiesel also prevents dependence on foreign sources of oil. Biodiesel is made from regular cooking oils (such as vegetable oil and the like) that undergo a process called “transesterification.” During transesterification glycerin is separated from the fat Continue Reading…

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